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Community Care

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It has always been a priority for “MLL Industries” to support the education system in Armenia as much as possible. Proof of this is the courses and lectures held at various universities over the years. In addition, we have always involved students in our organizations to gain experience and develop professional skills from several universities of Armenia, including AUA, ASUE, and NPUA.


As a firm advocate of a sustainable environment, the company staff has a tradition of planting trees each spring. In addition, recycling waste, participating in various environmental activities have become a tradition in our organizations.




Being a part of the City of Smile Charitable Foundation, supporting young people and their families to overcome difficulties, standing by their side. We believe that with the help of these steps we can make a change.

Supporting young artists in their education and career, believe and rejoice in their success. This is what we have done and have been doing for years. Apart from this, our Chairman and Founder Arthur Mikaelyan is a board member of "FISH eye ART Cultural Foundation" which develops, manages, and implements cultural projects and, more particularly, makes films. 

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High Tech

Technology is rapidly improving, offering new innovations and revolutionary projects every year. We are trying to foster the development of the tech industry in Armenia and stand by start-ups and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and perspectives. Particularly, our Chairman and Founder Arthur Mikayelyan is the Co-founder of Angel Investor Club of Armenia which is a non-profit organization designed to  help start-ups and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas find high-caliber business professionals who would invest and help steer companies in their endeavors of high impact and growth.

Other CSR

As a resident company of RA, we consider it our duty to support and stand next to the Armenian army. Besides mandatory monthly payments, our company, and our teammates separately donate voluntarily for the well-being of fallen, missing, and disabled soldiers and their families while defending our homeland.

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