Fire Protection Systems

 In all aspects of the design we involve fire protection engineers in order to ensure a reasonable degree of protection of human life from fire as well as to reduce the potential loss from fire.

MLL industries creatively and efficiently integrates code requirements (NFPA and SNIP) with other fire safety measures as well as other design strategies to achieve a balanced design that will provide the desired levels of safety (evacuation, recovery, egress/smoke).

The  professionals at MLL Industries are specialized in helping our customers determine what their fire protection  needs are, what the best solution is, and the most effective way to implement that fire suppression solution.

The steps of our fire sprinkler designs. 

  • Determine the fire hazard level for the property, and human life;
  • Determine the design area & density requirements;
  • Determine the water supply required & compare it with the water supply available;
  • Determine which fire sprinkler design will best meet your needs.
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