Starting from 2004, MLL Industries is the exclusive representative of Hilti brand in Armenia. Who else could understand and value of the instrument if not construction engineers. MLL is widely using the whole assortment of Hilti products, in its projects, valuing high quality work and its results. That’s why we can confidently offer Hilti to all our partners.

Hilti tools and systems offer innovative solutions for professionals in construction sphere. This brand is known for such security solutions as active vibration reduction, active torque control and dust removal systems.

Hilti known for its high quality, as well as among the other tools with equal technical factors it is the most long-living. So Hilti works better and serves longer.

The same we can say about the other products from Hilti: anchor systems, screws, drills, Diamond disks, cutting and abrasive stones and other materials and systems on.

Almost all reputable construction companies in Armenia work with Hilti tools and use Hilti consumables in their pojects.

Hilti Center is located at 1st Azatutyan str., Yerevan, Armenia
Tel.: +37410 20-15-26 email: Hilti@mllindustries.com

The shop also offers rental of the instruments and sale on credit.

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