MLL INDUSTRIES – THE General Contractor in Armenia

MLL INDUSTRIES is one of the leading General Contractors in Armenia for the past 10 years. By providing Turn-key Construction Services, it has manifested professional understanding and approach to construction needs of client projects.

Why Choose MLL INDUSTRIES as you General Contractor in Armenia?

There are only a handful of construction companies in Armenia, which can act as your general contractor in true sense of the word. Having participated in large scale projects such as the new US Embassy in Armenia, the new Passenger Terminals (Terminals 2 & 3) of Zvartnots International Airports, to name a few, MLL Industries has enriched its General Contractor abilities in a number of ways:

  • Professional Engineering and Project Management Teams
  • Sophisticated and state of the art Procurement System and Logistics Network
  • Local Knowledge and Local Presence
  • Close and Trusted Relations with Sub-contractors and Local Suppliers
  • Understanding of Local as well as International Construction Norms and Requirements
  • Possession of full spectrum of construction and design licenses
  • Vertical Integration for heavy Excavation, Foundation, and Concrete Works
  • Proven track record of successful completion of complex construction projects

Why Do You Need Turn-Key Construction Services in Armenia?

Very often executing a construction project in Armenia can prove to be very challenging from day one. There are many issues with which a client comes across at various stages of the project which eventually heavily affect not only the timeline, but also the budget of the project. At times, these time and budget overruns can be double of what was originally projected for due to a number of reasons.

  • Drawing and Design Coordination for different trades
  • Conformation of Design to Local Construction Norms & Standards
  • Coordination of construction works and execution between different trades and sub-contractors
  • Enforcement of Contracts with local Sub-contractors
  • Understanding of peculiarities of dealing with Local Municipalities, Governing & Inspection bodies, and Utility companies
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) to allow for fast track project execution

We highly recommend a potential investor/developer/client to look out for the above-mentioned challenges and consider turn-key as the primary solution to their construction needs in Armenia. MLL Industries can serve as you liason from day one to help you avoid costly mistakes and put your project on the right track.

Feel free to contact us as your potential General Contractor and Turn-Key Construction Services Company in Armenia. Let us know how we can help - because we can.

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