One of the Leading Construction Companies in Armenia

As a Construction Company in Armenia we provide full scope of Construction related services

MLL INDUSTRIES has been operating as a Construction Company in Armenia for over 10 years. Among numerous construction companies, MLL Industries stands out as the one which highly values every project whether large or small, whether complex or easy. As a construction company we commit ourselves to our clients and our community. This is where it begins and ends. This is why our clients choose our services over and over.

MLL Industries - More than a Construction Company

Whether you are just looking into starting your construction project or have come across unexpected difficulties in the middle of your project, MLL Industries can help you navigate the process and avoid costly mistakes. Our team of experts will:

  1. Provide Consulting & Due Diligence
  2. Help with Design Approvals & Building Permits
  3. Perform Full scope Construction Services
  4. Be your Procurement and Logistics adviser
  5. Assist with Commissioning and Hand-over

We would love to partner with you on your Construction Journey in Armenia. Please contact us as your potential Construction Company in Armenia. Let us make it fun for you to work in Armenia.

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