Building or Renovation – You can Trust MLL INDUSTRIES

With an established track record as a local firm, MLL Industries thinks for its projects and clients from a global perspective. We understand how a local project should be viewed from different angles and how we can incorporate global norms and requirements by not jeopardizing local traditions.

We have the expertise and resources to help your project whether you are building from scratch or carrying out renovation services in Armenia.

A large number of older buildings which have historical or architectural value and are part of local tradition are subject to renovation and refurbishment. The primary task of renovation services includes reinforcing the structural integrity of the building, remodeling the exiting facades, laying out new floor plans, and installing new world class M&E systems.

MLL Industries can help you put such renovation projects on fast track. We can help your Building and Renovation needs by:

  1. Studying the existing structure and shortcoming of the building
  2. Proposing new solutions to foster the transformation of the building to new requirements
  3. Preparing the necessary designs and obtaining approvals and permits from local authorities
  4. Implementing the Demolition, Renovation, and Handover.

Most of the time renovation of the building can be more complex and financially demanding than starting a project from scratch. Therefore, we urge you to contact MLL Industries to get our professional advice on how to proceed with your complex task.

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