our Potential

MLL Industries carries out a number of large scale projects simultaneously throughout Armenia. The current capabilities and potential of the company is derived not so much by the installed capacities of its own plant, equipment, and machinery, but by the powerful managerial, engineering, and technical expertise.

The Human Capital Capacities:

Technical and Engineering Expertise – 34 experts strong

Administrative and Support Staff – 84 members strong

Technical Capacities:

Excavation & Earthmoving – 9,000 m3 per month (considered hard/rocky soil- category 5)

Concrete Batching (2 plants) – 5,000 m3 per month

Wall and Slab Forming – 6,000 m2 floor area per month

Rebar Processing – 500 tons per month

Sanitary Piping – 3,000 linear meters per month (includes welded metal, PPR , and PE pipes)

Fire Sprinkler Installation – 1,000 heads per month

Gypsum Board Walls and Ceilings – 10,000 m2 per month

Paint Finishing Works – 20,000 m2 per month

Granite and Porcelain Tile Flooring – 5,000 m2 per month

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